Düntem Temizlik Malzemeleri

"Izmir Menderes district was established in Dunte I cleanliness, and proper product has a wide portfolio of industrial cleaning equipment and industrial consumer goods. Only in İzmir Menderes district not in İzmir Gaziemir, Tanks, bagged, Yazıbaşı, Ayrancılar, beets, Monopoly İtop Organized Industrial Zone, 'What is addressed in industrial consumer goods and industrial cleaning products. Our aim; To understand you and best before and after sales service in line with the objective sunabilmektir.b We work with many brands of industrial consumption. We can supply all industrial consumption products / materials you want."


Düntem    Temizlik    Malzemeleri, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Muhammet Dündar

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Düntem Temizlik Malzemeleri

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