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"Düzgün stepped into the world of business under the leadership of Ekrem Düzgün with the big goals in 1975 and continues its successful works with various production activities. Düzgünler Plastik, adding new rings to its activities starting with the production of agricultural tools and machines, has gained its corporate and modern structure today. 100 m² closed area activities, respectively, 1986 Steel Pipe and Automotive spare parts manufacturing in Konya I. Organized Industrial Zone 1.100 m², in 1993 Automotive and machine gear manufacturing 2.400 m², with the production of plastic pipes and accessories in 1996 and 1999 in Konya III. Organized Industrial Zone in the open area of ​​25,000 m², 8,000 m² closed area, 2001 - 2005 and 2008 with additional investments in the 100,000 m² open area, 30,000 m² closed area continues. Finally, for the first time in Turkey, producing Plastic Submersible Pump Column Pipes has strengthened its leadership in this area. Düzgünler Plastic, which continues its activities with an innovative approach, designs, manufactures and manufactures machinery and equipment used in production in the R & D department and realizes its production with its strong infrastructure. Düzgünler Plastik, which has a focus on future-oriented, constantly innovating, quality products and customer satisfaction, is in the scope of ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management System, in compliance with international standards (TSE, EN, ISO); - Plastic Drilling Pipes and fittings production, - Production of Plastic Pressure Clean Water Pipes, - Plastic infrastructure pipes (Corrugated Pipe) production, - Production of Plastic Column Pipes, - Plastic Irrigation systems and fittings production, - Plastic Product processing and finishing machines design and production. Düzgünler Plastic, by retaining the image it has in quality and service, by increasing its knowledge and experience, has contributed to the country's economy in its sector, as a mission to be continuous, consistent and permanent. Düzgünler Plastik has adopted the vision of integrating itself with the global world by following the innovations and the latest technologies in the sector, continuously improving itself and working with team spirit as being aware of the local values. Düzgünler Plastic, with its expert, experienced and disciplined staff, has adopted the principle of providing the best quality products and services to its customers since its establishment. OUR QUALITY POLICY We follow the technological developments closely with our team supported by trainings in the plastic pipe, fittings and mold industry, to introduce our products to our customers with high quality and to meet our legal requirements and standards, to introduce our products with high efficiency and to follow our quality management system. constantly improving our quality is our policy. VISION Smooth Metal Plastic Machine, become a leader in plastic pipe manufacturing company in Turkey and has set its vision as to represent our country in the world MISSION Düzgünler Plastik, one of the well-established representatives of the plastics industry, has always set the stage for production to be beneficial for our country and our citizens by keeping their love for production alive."


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