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"E-Z Seed Company, established in 2005, continues its R & D activities in Antalya-Kumluca district. There are two reasons for choosing Kumluca. First; The capital of greenhouse Kumluca in Turkey. The second is; Greenhouse cultivation in Kumluca, 0 to 700m in height on a land that is being done. This topographic change is to have different climate and soil riches. This wealth is to us; different climate and soils for different types of experiment and development. Our company's breeding activities only; TOMATO, PATLICAN; It is concentrated on HIYAR and KAVUN types. The first reason we limit this is; is the fact that the work can be achieved by working in the types you know best. The second is; breeding work in the species we carry out worldwide is our desire to have idia owner. Despite our young age, we have succeeded in printing the name of the world with our first successes, the result of the right strategy. Eggplant, seedless TATLICAN F1, and double disease resistance in tomato tomato KANKA F1 have succeeded. The other important point that makes our E-Z seed company different from our competitors is; flavor In all the varieties we carry out breeding work, yield and quality as well as flavor is in the foreground. Our company; He made the slogan of tır We carry the heritage of flavor to the future ı and made a reference for improvement works."


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