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"As Akkın Agricultural Machinery we have served our farmers for many years with the manufacture of trailers and different agricultural machines. Since the beginning of 2017, we have entered into a new structure under the brand of Efe Ziraat Aletleri with the slogan la Address of Iron Turned to Art ıyla and a new understanding. With the help of computer aided designs and a serious R & D work, we have created our new machine models. In the design of the machines, we aimed to produce machines that are suitable for agricultural technology, fully meet the expectations of our farmers and do not let them down. In our first season, the positive feedback we have received from our farmers encourages us to do better. At each stage of the agricultural activities, we have to reduce costs so that our profitability increases, so we will continue to come up with innovative machines that will facilitate the work of our farmers and reduce their costs. Be fertile..."


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