"Our company was established in 2005. It has been operating since April 2006 with the existing shareholding structure. Our main activity is the import, export, domestic sales and marketing organization of seeds, plant nutrition and plant protection products used in agriculture. In addition, our company also grows its own products such as corn, sunflower and seed wheat. Our company has been a pioneer in the sector and has adopted the priority to work with the products of the companies with the highest brand value in national and international markets. In the field of plant nutrition with Compo, Eurochemagro, Kali, Daymsa and R-Bio; In the field of plant protection, we are working with world giant BASF, DowDuPont and Polimet Kimya. Agriculture is the most important resource for a country. As a result of the increasing world population and the decrease of agricultural areas, the food crisis is getting more and more serious. In order to become one of the leading countries in the world, we must be a self-sufficient country and a exporting country. The only way to produce high quality and abundant crops in agriculture. We will always support sustainable agriculture. In Eforganic Agriculture; Increase efficiency and quality in the unit area Continuous farmer informative meetings and seminars for conscious agriculture to identify problems in the community and contribute to the solution To make proper plant nutrition and protection applications Making new and scientific based production Being a pioneer and reliable brand in the sector Always be transparent and honest Competitive and ethical rules in competition To make a difference by developing the product range Bringing all of our stakeholders to our partners, dealers and farmers briefly Ensuring healthy products for healthy generations without harming ecology We will work with innovative, reliable knowledge-based plans to be an important part of agriculture and to create added value for our country."


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