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"The EGAS AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING AND CONSULTING SERVICES INDUSTRY. VE TIC. LTD. Sti. Professional approach in 2001 and entered the sector realize its corporate identity by moving customer focused service. EGAS which AGRICULTURE, have a high level of knowledge within its structure, constantly renewing itself, with employees trained in areas related to the work area to the leading company in a short time after industry history, the source of these results ""Quality is not a conclusion, excellence is a process of seeking."" Working with the principle of understanding It has created. its value has appreciated as partners and customers. The EGAS AGRICULTURE, provision of hygiene standards with the needs of Enterprise and Environment Health Services under the Fight Against Unwanted Pests Services (Pest - Pest Management); Training, Audit, Consultancy and Product Supply Integrated with the service concept as a way to executing, providing added value to businesses with the services it has become THE FIRST FIRM. The EGAS AGRICULTURE, healthy, high quality and contribute to the creation of places for a peaceful life. For this purpose; first Quality Management System and Food Security implementing the system; FOOD, AGRICULTURAL AND LIVESTOCK, TEXTILE CHEMICALS, PACKAGING AND INTEGRATED BUSINESS, TOURISM, HOSPITALITY, TRANSPORT, BANKS, HOSPITALS, HEALTH, RESTAURANTS, in FUN and other sectors, has signed a major success in all kinds of pests and Pest Control Services. QUALITY DETAIL is CONFIDENTIAL Quality creation process, with considerable detail the EGAS AGRICULTURE, as in each service area; in the field of environmental health, the fight against harmful pests and the service is undertaken by experts have seen in training Agricultural Engineers and Agricultural Engineers. The agricultural Leader in Integrated Pest EGAS Another feature that makes the Property Services is making the Educational Inspection Work support services. It also carries out work in formation with other expert Food Engineers and Engineers issues. Our quest for perfection Process; Fumigation, Plant Protection, Animal, Landscape Project - Feasibility, Agricultural Consultancy, Globalcap Consulting, Organic Farming Consultant, Environmental Consultancy, Quality Systems Consulting, Food Security Consulting activities such as branches of expert engineers with quality serving EGAS which AGRICULTURE, all the services provided by the ISO 9001 with competence under its Quality Assurance. In this context, while helping to build the infrastructure the quality of the company, free training in the company is working with customers, the audit also has a significant value in the awareness and development of its business on the quality of infrastructure works by editing. The AGRICULTURE EGAS, with his control is monitoring the effectiveness of the work carried out by the company. Under this lies the value we provide for us; QUALITY; It is to meet customer expectations The EGAS AGRICULTURE, both with their own patented and licensed production of his products, as well as other sales constitute his pest control and hygiene equipment and supply added value services to companies that work with products. The EGAS AGRICULTURE, today it exports to 17 countries. Especially in this context, especially in EU countries, it is working with the Republic of Turkey as well as the US and Arab countries. This is an important part of their patents owned and licensed exports of natural Housefly Trap ""EGA SÄ°NTUZ being"". Besides the EGAS AGRICULTURE so that the customer is trying to contribute to the national economy. The EGAS AGRICULTURE, based on customer satisfaction, quality at all times, to produce reliable products, measurable service customers with high-level criteria, effective, will continue to provide efficient services."


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