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"Ege Fertilizer Industry Inc. was established in 1973, laid the foundations of compound fertilizer plants in 1974 and started to produce fertilizer on March 11, 1978. Factory, 60 km from Izmir. away from Aliağa Nemrut Bay, in the Nemrut Industrial Zone on a 695.836 m² area. The preparation, production or supply of organic and inorganic plant nutrient mixtures needed by the agricultural sector are included in the field of activity of Ege Fertilizer. Since 1986, the company has been selling fertilizers to around 500 dealers and some unions and cooperatives through tenders. It has a plant with a pipe reactor that produces 306,000 tons of compound fertilizer per year. In these plants, 297,000 tons of NP or NPK or 148,500 tons of DAP can be produced annually. The company manufactures nitrogenous fertilizers such as AN, UREA and AS from abroad and markets them at home. It has 2 closed product warehouses with a total of 20,000 tons, one of which can store 8,000 tons of fertilizer and the other 12,000 tons of bulk fertilizer. Besides, it has warehouses to store min.190.000 tons (55.000 m2) bulk cargo, 130.000 tons (38.000 m2) in the factory site and 60.000 tons (17.000 m2) in the port area. Ege Fertilizer performs its domestic sales through its dealership and tender. In addition, export opportunities are explored and evaluated. We have a private port with the largest area, capacity and equipment in the Aegean Region with port and port investments. In addition, in general warehouse status, 23 tanks in different volumes and liquid raw materials are imported to third parties."


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