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"EGE PLASTIC CO. Since its establishment, it has renewed its technology and R & D activities in its products. First quality material, workmanship and quality without compromising our company customer satisfaction and customer requests important task. Our company works with total quality management from production to sales and with 30 hours of on-the-job training. With a capacity of 6.000 tons, our company UV, AF, IR coated greenhouse covers; pallet covers industrial shrink film, watering hoses, heavy duty bags, mulch films, strech films printed and unprinted brotel, reinforced, hand passing, athlete bags and sachet varieties, plastic bags, vacuum bags, It has a wide portfolio with opp and cpp film packages and laminated films. 115 people experienced and trained 2400 m2 closed area and 2000 m2 open area factory and Yenişehir food bazaar with the central office we serve our customers. The products produced by our company for the food industry also include T.C. Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs .. Material in contact with food materyal has production certificate.   History ; EGE Plastics since 1963. EGE PLASTIC has grown rapidly with its product and service quality, disciplined and stable line. started with bagging in manual machines. In 1964, he started to produce greenhouse cover. With the inclusion of automatic cutting machine from Italy in 1974, Using a daily capacity of one tonne bag production, the company increased its production tenfold. In 1986, the production continued in Çanakkale Cad. No: 51 Pınarbaşı factory it was continued. EGE Trade Center 1203/3 street No: 3A workplace in Yenişehir also operates as a center. For the manufacture of films and bags made of high density polyethylene in 1996  production range with new machines Expand. In 2004, he joined the laminating machine production line, one of the important requirements of the packaging industry. In 2006, with the intensive work of R & D department, he started to produce new generation protection packaging. With its 45 years of experience, Ege Plastik Ambalaj Sanayi A.Ş. Turkey's ""pioneer in the industry, specific to eminent industry organization products manufacturing company et on the road to quality and technology investments continued. In this way, ini The quality and affordable prices it meets in the packaging. "


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