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"about us Egeşaft started production in 1994 with the concept of overload safety couplings. The main reason for starting the shaft production is that there are no companies in our country that can make sufficient quality shafts. For more than 20 years, our company has become one of the leading companies in our field which has been exporting to 45 countries in every part of the world by passing through other companies openly in front of other companies with superior quality in its field. Product quality is certified by CE Quality Certificate in organizations that can give CE certificate which can be certificated by few companies in the world and Egeşaft is one of the 2 companies with CE certificate in our country. Within the scope of its social responsibility projects, Egeşaft plays an active role in the development of vocational training and knowledgeable individuals in the Professional Chambers, Apprenticeship Training Center, vocational schools, and İşkur industry cooperation projects. It cooperates with universities to produce technological projects."


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