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"In 2007, in the area of ​​agricultural irrigation systems; wholesale and retail sales, project and project applications, our company started its activities, has successfully taken its place among the leading companies in the sector with its successful irrigation projects and applications in Turkey and abroad. Each project carried out with the philosophy of uştur Best advertising is the best quality service ef has been a reference for new projects and has formed the basis of new agreements. Irrigation systems, agricultural irrigation ponds, demounted steel warehouse installation, wire finishing systems, agricultural cover groups and solar energy systems; Our work in the fields of our work continues successfully. Since its inception, our company has continued to serve to the sector with the concept of service based on customer satisfaction by taking part in the right projects and strengthening technical staff, Our company, which has great resources in the agricultural area, has been serving the middle Asian Turkish republics, by sharing its technical knowledge and experiences with these sister countries, to contribute to their development in the agricultural field, after the completion of the projects, we continue to provide technical support and continue to expand our relationship and commercial activities. Agriculture and commercial activities related to agricultural irrigation systems are increasing day by day, increasing the strategic importance in the world and our R & D activities are continuing, together with our domestic and overseas partner companies, by using all technical facilities to the fullest and the highest We continue our projects without compromising our service. "


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