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"Lack of mechanical harvesting machines in our country is known in the field of agriculture. In developed countries, mechanical tools are the necessities of the age. It is a fact that the harvests carried out with all manpower constitute a big burden in terms of time and cost, and the cost per unit must be minimized. We are aware of the necessity of harvesting your business in the shortest time and at the lowest cost. EGEFE AGRICULTURE For over 5 years; is a company that provides service with its experienced, young and dynamic structure. Olive harvesting machines, especially tree pruning and equipment has proven its strength in a leading company. It has the task of bringing the latest technology olive harvesting and pruning equipment used in the countries which are applying modern agriculture to the Turkish farmers. Over the whole of 5000, mainly in Turkey Aegean Region active olive harvesting machine occupies an important place in the market by users."


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