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" our vision Egefe, a leading and respected hotel in the logistics sector, was won by being a leader honest. The devices in this area will further enhance the progress. Our company keeps the words of planning, at all costs, I do not hesitate to make prospects in this regard. It has the speed and service continuity that will be advantageous to the competitors in logistics activities. We know that if we work with faith, there is no obstacle. view Our mission Egefe implements high quality and activation in logistics operations. Senior management is taking this security responsibility. Despite its short history, it is constantly growing. He conducts his work in the latest scientific and technologically feasible manner. Our state-of-the-art technology, which adds strength to our power, continues to be the inspiration of our industry, using our advanced technology to provide our service understanding. view Our values To ensure the continuity of training and development of our employees who are our main capital. To be aware of our responsibilities and to fulfill our commitments with us. For us, people come to him first. We can make each other better, protect our shared partners and explain that we can target what we want."


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