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"Plastic Egepol as printed in 1991 - unprinted bags, plastic bag manufacturing and packaging all kinds of food production by Turkey's we began operating as one of the first plastic bag manufacturers. We have continually eaten our machine park and continued to use the latest technology. We are continuing our works for ISO 9001: 2000, ISO 22000: 2005 HACCP, OHSAS 18001: 1999, CE, ISO 7001: 2005 for being the pioneer in our field and quality production stability. We have Food Registration Certificate and production permission from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs. The principle of honest production and customer satisfaction is our sole aim. We are proud to present new and different products to the market by combining our own experiences and experiences with our R & D activities since the last day. We are continuously researching new packaging and packaging product models that are suitable for the purpose and purpose, with the ability to transport and advertising. We are adding new products to our product range every day in order to be able to respond to domestic and international customer demands in the best possible way. We respond quickly to customer demands with our product range. When we think that your advertising products that you need are your company and your corporate identity, we have taken into consideration that a product should be designed before production is made, we have achieved the best results when we combine the stylish designs with high quality materials. In order to achieve excellent business results; With the participation of all employees of all business processes and continuous improvement, we offer products to customers' expectations in accordance with relevant standards. We are able to make production and delivery without any distance obstacles to every region of our country. We strive to achieve the targets set out in the service provision, in order to eliminate the barriers by providing the best coordination between our company and customers in the domestic and foreign markets."


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