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" Our company founded in 1970 that led to significant improvements and technological breakthroughs in the mining sector in Turkey DOLSAN FILLING MAD. Inc. In 2016 EGS GÜBRE SAN. and Trade. Inc. has made a quick introduction to the sector. Investing in micro-biology and genetics starting from the EGS TURKEY FERTILIZER also has managed to take the first local culture mycorrhizal fungi. In this way, the input costs of many microbial fertilizers imported have been offered to the benefit of the Turkish farmer, which is 90% cheaper. EGS GÜBRE SAN. and Trade. A.Ş Total eighteen thousand square meters closed It produces agricultural input in the open area of forty two thousand square meters. EGS GÜBRE SAN. and Trade. A.Ş continues to serve the Turkish farmer with a growth rate based on 100% customer satisfaction."


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