"It was established in 1988 in Bandırma, Balıkesir province for the producer serving in the agricultural sector in Marmara Region. In the rapidly changing and developing world, the agricultural sector was affected by this rapid development and with the technological effects, physical manpower went down to a minimum and this need was met with agricultural machinery. Our company will follow these changes in the global world with all the details through fairs, social events, sectoral participation conferences and meetings. With the help of machine designs that will accelerate by increasing the number of references in the region today, this sector has managed to stand out. We are serving to the manufacturer with 7 series professional series of agricultural machines. All the agricultural machinery of Ekenmak is approved by Uludağ University and ”EXPERIMENTAL REPORT LU and has become a preferred brand with its ease of use and service infrastructure. At the same time, our service network, which enables us to obtain a reference in the region, gives us a better interest in meeting the demands of our producers. "


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