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"TEKBAŞ soyisiml in the form of agricultural machinery repair shop in 1960 by four brothers started work then continued with construction work axle trucks. through imported in the 1970s began to be made from grain sowing machine of our country tinker mainly, the manufacture of some parts of these machines has become mandatory in the agenda. Part of the knowledge obtained during the manufacturing process, the brothers led to the construction machinery manufacturing. The first planting machine has been on the market by the end TEKBAŞ brand. In those years, largely machine manufacturers to the small number of available jobs has grown rapidly alongside and demand too much consists of partners has led to the incorporation. Finally EK 1975-MAK Agricultural Equipments Manufacturing and Trading Ltd. Sti. today the company has completed the establishment of the same name. Initially an enterprise engaged in manufacturing in a rented workshop in POLATLI city center was moved to its current building in 1980. only factory producing combined Cereals Seed Drill until 1986, after which it was decided to increase the production of varieties and 1986 Agricultural Trailers, 1990 Spiral Conveyors, 1992. Disc Fertilizer Spreader and the Kazayakl 1993 has realized the mass production of Cultivator. The emergence of the need for the introduction of machines for irrigation GAP circuit company, has turned to the need to produce machines needed to perform manufacture and 1996. Combined Cotton Seed Drill. Ministry of Agriculture and conducting joint R & D efforts, our company combined with Grain Seed Drill chickpeas, corn, soy, beans ... etc. such as the planting of coarse grain that can develop multi-purpose germ cells, were presented in 1998, the farmers of our services. Built in 1980 on an area of ​​1,500 m² to 15,000 m² open area plant in 1998, with the increase of production capacity and varieties reached 4,600 m². This expansion of the closed area, which allow also to increase the counter amount, and especially fitting up with advancing technology in recent years, fully automatic CNC lathes, CNC vertical machining center, computerized machines such as CNC plasma, has been one of the company first used in the manufacture of agricultural machinery industry. In particular, starting in 1997, a high-powered tractor pulls double showing rapidly rising imports and increased demand for these tractors, has brought the problem to the proper equipment like tractors. Here's import needs this equipment in the first place, immediately followed by foreign companies in 1998 in order to manufacture (Amazone in-Werke, Lemken ... etc.) partnership established and publicity purposes such equipment, services and guarantee the farmers of our services are also offered giving. Purpose of Turkey and other countries needed agricultural machinery of the highest quality way to produce to the market with the most favorable terms possible EK-MAK is currently one of the largest share separates the company in research and development in Turkey agriculture. 2000 pcs / year, our company has the production capacity of the machine, has become preferred brand status in terms of quality producti"


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