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"Ekiz Tohumculuk SUMMARY INFORMATION ABOUT THE COMPANY Date of Establishment: March 24, 2006. Owner and Manager: Assoc. Hasan Ekiz. Address: Fevzi Cakmak Mah., Akan Cad., Issue 8, Next to Konya Commodity Exchange, Karatay-Konya. Field Activity Areas Cereal seed production. Plant Nutrient production (9 kinds of fertilizer). There are corn, sunflower and forage crops. Seed Production: Types of Bread Wheat Healing himself: Centipede, Pelit, Nartane, Haciveli, Havabaci, Strong, Circumcision, Rags, Emerald, Yoruk, Tekeli, Hayta Common Bread Wheat Varieties: Ahmetağa, Sönmez 2001, Dağdaş 94 General Types of durum wheat: Variety 1252, Kızıltan 91, Kunduru 1149 Barley: Larende, Aydanhanım, Information 91 Triticale: Sweetie 97, Karma 2000 Licensed Plant Nutritional Products: Eco Combi Boiler. Zinc Plus 25 Ferro power Eco Special Fill the sink. Boron Extract. Calcium Pure. Orgafull. Orga Humic."


Ekiz Tohumculuk, Companies in Turkey

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  • Authorized Person: Doç. Dr. Hasan Ekiz

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Ekiz Tohumculuk

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