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"As a company dedicated to its reputation and honesty; - Ekmen Agriculture started to operate in 2010 by İrfan Ekmen. Our company has added a value to Turkish livestock by adding the feed pea to the Turkish farmer with the Tashkent Feed Peas. Our company, which has been continuing the Trakya Distributorship of Tasaco Company since 2010, started to produce seeds of Oats, Barley and Triticale products in 2012. - In 2013, Hayrabolu Screening Plant and Laboratory were put into operation. The mission of the company, which is a Researcher Organization in 2015, is ""To get better seeds more efficiently and with good quality."" In 2016, the registration process of the new ""ARDA FEED BEZEL"", which is Ekmen Tarım breeding, has started and production permission has been obtained. Ekmen Tarım will always be by our farmers to produce better and more efficient seeds."


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