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"Eko Denge Energy Investments and Agricultural Technologies Inc. 1985 is a member of the Akal-Aritan group companies. industry, our parallel-growing group in the development in Turkey, particularly treatment and dewatering projects, industrial automation and software services, petrochemical, mining and project planning in areas such as special projects for special fluid transfer applications and rail system production lines in similar sectors, serves the manufacturing and contracting services. resimtürki the general agricultural breakthroughs in agriculture and animal husbandry, animal farms and agricultural land in developed countries has led to the need for mechanization in the use of technological products and standards. Focusing on this need since 2008, our group has started to provide equipment for fertilizer management systems in livestock farms, organic fertilization methods in agricultural lands and equipment and biogas preparation equipment for biogas plants. As of 2012, these services are carried out by Eko Denge A.Ş. has begun to execute its name. Taking into account the structures of farms and lands in our country, the design, manufacture, installation, consultancy and maintenance services of special equipments are carried out by our engineer staff in İstanbul and Bursa provinces."


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