"ABOUT US our Differences One of the most challenging areas of organizations is to ensure the continuity of the positive change that begins after production and promotion. With the awareness of this, we continue to provide free support for the time required by the sonr Monitoring System sonr. Research shows that the follow-up of production and sales increases the benefit of four times. For this reason, you can find the follow-up systems we propose as part of our study. Sales Reporting and Tracking Support Studies Virtual Platform - Phone Support One-to-One Consulting Working System Always be honest with the state, customer,, stakeholder, staff, partner, sub and sub-industry in all our activities, To protect nature and social balance in all activities, To direct the customer without forcing and to fulfill customer requests firstly, Quality is always to keep in the foreground, even if the customer is satisfied with the content and try to give it better, The investment in ""Human Resources"" will provide internal and external customer satisfaction. For this reason, equipping our producers with strengthened knowledge will ensure the advancement of becoming R & D, learning and transferring what it has learned to its stakeholders, which supports Ekodünya's values ​​and strategies and supports continuous development. In this direction, we can summarize our method of working in organizations that we cooperate with for ye Continuous Accurate Production and Development Bu as follows: To define requirements exactly, To produce solutions specific to organizations and stakeholders and producers in the light of our contemporary knowledge and experience, To create the desired change in your customers and processes and to mediate the elimination of the factors that cause problems, To provide your customers with the methods and tools to improve your business results, It is to support the achieving the desired results by following the developments closely during the process. Our Corporate Values Reliability Timely delivery Responsibility Respect Team work Creativity Our Working Principles Customer and Employee Satisfaction We believe that our existence is our customers. We aim to respond to the specific needs of each customer and to mediate in creating the desired change. Quality We take care to achieve international standards and quality. Our understanding of quality is to ensure that our customers reach their expectations in the fastest, most efficient and permanent way. With this awareness, while following internationally accepted quality trends closely, we aim to continuously increase our added value, product and service quality that we bring to our customers by taking into consideration the agricultural socio-cultural structure of our country. Continuous Improvement We believe that learning is a lifelong activity, and that Ekodünya can survive as long as it constantly improves itself and its employees. Therefore, we are dedicated to continuous improvement in order to increase the value added of our products. Relations between the Win and Win Philosophy As an eco-world; We are aware of the fact that we can only provide continuity as long as we can establish long-term fair and reliable relationships with our customers. Therefore, win-win philosophy is the basis of all our approaches. Expertise We only serve in the areas where we are competent and take part in projects that are in our area of ​​expertise. We believe that this is the only way we can provide customer trust which is very valuable for us. our vision To be the most reliable and leading agricultural production and consulting company, providing the most satisfactory, original and permanent solutions to the international standards of our customers' needs. Our mission To increase the human resources quality and efficiency of our corporate customers, to align their competencies with the objectives of the organization and to provide the desired change; and to provide permanent solutions for our individual customers to improve their performance and agricultural leadership skills."


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