"Ekofarm Organic Agriculture Industry. and Tic. Ltd. Sti. It was established in 2006 in Adana / Yüreğir to produce organic fertilizer on an area of ​​18.000 m2. After many years of unconsciously and unidirectionally used chemical fertilizers and pesticides, agricultural land has become contaminated and has started to take dangerous dimensions in terms of environmental health. In our country, which is in the process of entering into the European Union, it is the basic philosophy of this organization that the structural structure of the soils that are worn out in terms of their organic or conventional agricultural areas is restored and that our producers obtain better quality-abundant products. Due to the high yield and quality achieved by the use of these fertilizers produced by the use of high technology, customer satisfaction, in parallel with this, brought about the increase in demand. In order to meet the increasing demand, the Company continues its activities in an area of ​​80.000 m2 by increasing its capacity and serves nationwide through distributors in seven different regions. Combining the technology of the past with the technology of the future, R & D work as a result of the product and production quality day by day increasing our organization, the production of the new generation fertilizers and organomineral fertilizers also aims to serve a wider range of producers."


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