Ekohasil Ekolojik Hayvancilik

"EKOHASIL ANIMAL AGRICULTURE INC In order to transfer to the world's most advanced technologies in agriculture and animal husbandry in 2008, the country set off. Within a short time, and to contribute to the Turkish agricultural products with high added value such as HASILMATÄ°K the livestock sector and the 21st century is one of the strategic sectors in agriculture and animal husbandry, we are proud to work for Turkey to become one of the dominant countries HASILMATÄ°K systems of the cool season cereal seed, soilless cultivation technology with low-cost, nutritious, fresh green feed (GDP) has been developed to train, ""Green Feed Production Facility is."" Germination of high-quality seeds spread on specially developed pan, set when irrigated with automatic watering system "


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  • Authorized Person: Kamil Atici

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Ekohasil Ekolojik Hayvancilik

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