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Ekolojik Agriculture company’s staff is composed of different specialists as; Academicians, Experts, Chemists as well as Ar-Ge employees all together to lead the company to the development track. The company, based on its 30 years of experience has been covering the customers' needs as well as helping in the plant analysis and thus assuring the best quality and the most effective results. Ekolojik Agriculture in this period has made its place among the fertilizer producers with the name“Inorganic, Organic, Organomineral and Custom” With the kind of products that lead to a vast range of use, and service quality as well as an extensive sales network, the company’s goal is to become a worldwide fertilizer trademark.


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  • Authorized Person: Cemre YILMAZ

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Ekolijik Agriculture

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Higro® Zincbor supply
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