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"Ecological Agriculture Co., Ltd., plant nutrition sector in Turkey as well as a first academicians, experts, chemists and experienced R & D team of experts has emerged as one. Ecological Agriculture Inc. meets the needs and expectations of the agricultural sector with innovative products in twenty different segments, which bring new dimensions to the plant nutrition sector. The large production capacity is based on the state-of-the-art machinery and equipment equipment owned by Ekolojik Tarım A.Ş. The breadth of production capacity allows us to serve more than 120 products in 3 different brand groups with the same content in each segment. Each of these three brands, which are marketed as Higro, Efecol and Orgo series, is also owned by Ekolojik Tarım A.Ş. is registered. Ecological Agriculture Inc., in line with the mission it is dedicated to constantly and in search of new and special formulas. On the basis of this search, it is always focused on plant nutrition products; plant, human and environmental health. Ç.E.D., located in Antalya Organized Industrial Zone. Ekolojik Tarım A.Ş., which is integrated into the certified biological treatment plant (Environmental Surveying Assessment). has adopted the principle of providing the best quality service with its experienced technical staff, wide sales network and logistic facilities. Our company, which has been serving the development of Turkish Agriculture with this understanding, has taken its rightful place in the sector since the day it was founded."


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