"who are we Founded in 1960 in Afyon Sandikli and started its activities in the scrap and bolt sector. In a very short period of time, we have achieved a very rapid development and have achieved a wide range of products in the ""agricultural machinery"" sector. In addition to being the first company to produce vehicles running axle water engines called. Drilling Deep Well ites and kal Patpat m, it is a company that has increased its product and service quality with its innovative works from the past to the present. It was also the first company in 1994 to import the ""Stone Collecting Machine"" through Pankobirlik. Since 1979, the straw gun straw machine has been the first company to manufacture pneumatic straw extractors since 1985. our goal The aim of our company, the production started in a small workshop in 1960, the current factory with a larger-scale production capacity in the new facilities to continue to provide profits to the country's economy. Advanced technology The firm started to produce ""Baler Machine"" in 2001 in line with the developing technology and market demands. In time, the product has been developed with high performance and low cost."


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