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CELIK HORTUM, we take pride in sharing the knowledge and experience it has with its valued customers throughout its 33 years of production. Our company, which has a specialist staff producing durable hoses since our establishment, has been producing thermo hose, air, compressor, welding hoses and fire extinguisher hoses. We continue to make a difference by targeting customer satisfaction at every stage, from the product range we designed and renewed for you to after-sales service.


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Celik Pvc and Rubber Hoses

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Our Products

Water Suction - Delivery supply
Twİn Thermo Air Hose supply
Turquoise Water Hose supply
Thermo Medium Pressure Water supply
Thermo Low Pressure Water supply
Thermo Fire (694:2014) supply
Termo Compressor Water Hose supply
Termo Air Hose supply
Super Transparent Braided Pvc supply
Super Pvc Transparent Braided Type-b supply
Spiral Water Suction supply
Solvent Transmitant Hos supply
Solvent Suctİon - Delİvery Hose supply
Sink Siphon Very Very Light Duty Water Delivery Hose supply
Silobas supply
Shower Hose supply
Sheath Hose supply
Sandblasting supply
Pvc Transparent Braided supply
Pvc Pure Water Hose supply
Pvc Naturel Water Hose supply
Pvc Apex supply
Pulverizer (spraying) 90/240 supply
Pulverizer (spraying) 50/150 supply
Pulverizer (spraying) 40/120 supply
Pulverizer (spraying) 20/60 supply
Normal Service Air supply
New Garden Water Hose supply
Middle Service Water Suctİon And Delİvery supply
Medium Pressure Water supply
Low Pressure Water supply
Liquid Fuel S&d supply
Liquid Fuel Delivery 10 Atm supply
Light Service Water Supplier supply
Light Service Water Suction And Delivery supply
Light Service Air supply
Layflat Water supply
Laundry Machine Hose supply
Insulation Hose supply
Industrial Type Water Hose supply
Hot Water S&d Corrugated supply
Hot Water supply
High Pressure Water supply
Heavy Duty Air supply
Gray Powder Suction Hose supply
Glass Fiber Steam supply
Garden Water Hose supply
Flat Drip Irrigation supply
Fabric Steam supply
Electric Welding Machine Hose supply
Dust And Air Suction supply
Double Layer Water Hose supply
Corrugated Cement S&d supply
Cement S&d supply
Cement Delİvery supply
Braided Lpg supply
Blue Special Hose Washer supply
Blue Special Hose S&d Nr supply
Acid Transfer Hose supply
Acid Suctİon Delİvery Hose supply
 Thermo Low Pressure Water supply
 Super Original Water Hose supply
 Steel Wire Transparent Hose Type-a supply
 Sink Siphon Very Transparent Very Light Duty Water Delivery Hose supply
 Scale Hose supply
 Pulverizer (spraying) 90/240 supply
 Lpg Gas Cylinder supply
 Blue Special Hose Delivery supply

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