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"about us In the world, fruit renewing itself every day, techniques used in modern fruit growing constantly. As Elma Tarım, one of our aims is to follow the modern fruit growing techniques in the world and share them with our valuable growers. Turkey giving us hand in hand, in front of the developed countries is to take place in the modern fruit in the world. Another aim of apples from other agriculture committee to ensure the establishment of modern orchards in Turkey, our manufacturers to transfer the latest developments in the world, our technical knowledge to share with you, our valued farmers brothers. For these purposes, Elma Tarım Tic. Ltd. Sti. Was established in Isparta in 2004 and started to produce fruit saplings and rootstocks in Kınık Plain of Isparta. Our product design is a kind and variety of fruits with high commercial value in domestic and foreign markets. Our company, using clonal rootstocks, produces the right, stunted and semi-dwarf fruit saplings in the name of these species and varieties. Until today, one of the managers of our company, Asst. Assoc. Dr. Under the leadership of Abdullah Kankaya, Elma Tarım produces apple, cherry, pear, plum, apricot, peach, nectar, walnut and almond species. In addition to seedling production, we produce rootstock of apple rootstocks M.9, MM.106 and MM.111 and pear rootstocks with stoolbed method. In Mersin plant, we produce 300.000 tube (bagged) seedlings per year. In addition, the production of seedlings of soft and hard-core fruit species are also used in our country by using stubby and semi-dwarf clone rootstocks grown with tissue cultures. As Elma Tarim, we are always better and always follow our new policy and we are the source of honor for you to have a modern orchard under the conditions of our country and to carry out the works on the development of our country with you by hand. Since the day we were founded, Elma Agriculture has been growing thanks to you and can make itself one step ahead every day. For us, trust, quality and service are our most important principle. In this direction, we are confident that our company will grow and grow stronger and we will not lose our respect. Contact Modernevler Mah. 3167 Sok. Ege Sitesi B Blok Ground Floor D: 3 Merkez / Isparta Tel: 0246 223 6148 E-Mail: info@elmatarim.com.tr Corporate Click on the links below to get detailed information about our institution which has carried the naturalness to you for many years or to work with us. "


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