Elmaksan Dalgiç Pompa

"Founded in 1957 by the electro-mechanical teacher Mustafa ERTEKİN our company operations to make the repairs of electrical devices. In 1969, Ertekin started to wet stator winding of the submersible motor Inc. Turkey is one of the first in this regard. Although it is located in southeast Anatolia, the whole Mediterranean region, starting from Antalya, it has met the needs of our eastern and southeastern Anatolia. Then he removed to repair these engines can not be discarded. And bringing all these engines imported from all regions of Turkey scrapped, have been repaired here, partly prevented imports, has been given to many thirsty ground water.             Both began to grow in both the manufacture of the completed engineering charged with starting work with children, able to work under even more companies developing water asynchronous type of submersible motors and pumps from the workshop. Founded in our country, where the most commonly used submersible pumps, our company goes largely on the needs of the region, and avoid monopolization, import quality products are self-produced close to zero in the category.             30% of the production is bordered by geographical location as Syria, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, is exported to Africa and the Turkic republics. 23 acres of land with an area of ​​over 4,600 m2 building at 6 engineers, 4 technicians, 23 workers and 8 apprentices serving our company have TSE quality certificates and ISO 9001 quality assurance system certification. ISO 9001 certificate of RWTÜV System GmbH has been said."


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  • Authorized Person: Mehmet Ertekin

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Elmaksan Dalgiç Pompa

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