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Our company, that it is entering the plastics industry in 2000 as ELMAS Brand, is proud to come to today, that in first years only in small-scale production began, his adventure with the pipe production. In 2003, Sprinkler Irrigation pipes and began to manufacture all kinds of attachments. With the Constantly increasing understanding of quality is our company surely advancing towards becoming indispensible choice for the farmers and has caught all the advancements in technology of sprinkler pipes and their attachments. It began in 2008 the manufacture of pipes PE-100 network. Our company has gained a good place in growing new varieties of products with the plastics industry. Our company, that it was started to produce in 2010 Drip Irrigation Pipes and their attachments, has a long way towards becoming a brand as sought in the sector by increasing the range of products. We are sure, our company, that it has added overseas market to the domestic market in a short time, will achieve a market share in a short period of time. OUR VISION To follow the innovations in the light of technological advances and to being favorite brand for our clients in the plastics industry in abroad and domestic market. OUR MISSION Our company is the reliability of the plastics industry, to find solutions in order to raise the standard of living, to ensure that the national and international markets continued competitiveness; to respond to our customers needs and expectations to produce innovative products and services with a clear understanding of continuous quality improvement. OUR VALUES Together with our business partners without compromising the integrity and reliability open to teamwork, aware of our responsibilities by following the code of ethics, as open for innovation to produce competitive and quality products.


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