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"CORPORATE Emir Sanayi Ürünleri was founded in 1954 by our father Fatin Emir as an engine repair shop. In 1971, the company started spare parts trade and continued its business under the name Emir Emir. Since 1979, the compressor, water engines, agricultural machinery, motorcycles, milking machines, garage and construction equipment has been added to the field of activity has expanded its product range. In 1983, Syria began to export directly to Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Iran, Afghanistan, Romania, Kosovo and K.K.T.C. exports directly. In 1994, our company, our company Emir Sanayi Urunleri Imp. ve Tic.Ltd.Sti. It was established. In 1996, Emir Ticaret closed the company with Emir Ticaret. Since 2003, he has taken production issue. Since 2003, we have become the brand that most of the other brands in the leading commune of the milking and milking market and we have the belief that we will come to a better level thanks to our trade understanding. It is possible to ensure a reliable quality level and efficiency in an activity that requires advanced technology such as transmission, gearbox and automotive parts production, and to carry out the studies in terms of human reliability in certain disciplines. For this reason, since the middle of 2006, Emirsan Capa Machines and Milking Machines CE Assurance System works have been terminated. Our company owns the Turkish Standards Institute certificate of conformity. We produce anchor machine and we have reached a localization rate of 99% in our targeted production. There are industrial production products, production workshop with production machines, a mold-apparatus workshop and motor, assembly-test-painting workshops. Number of machines is 35 pieces. Our values Confidence, mutual respect, friendship, trade, sense of responsibility, customer focus ... ""We take the force from civilization, science and science. And according to him, we walk ... "" Mustafa Kemal Atatürk OUR MISSION Customers in the point of products and services; Our company's mission is to keep the satisfaction of our customers at the highest level, to follow and implement technological developments and to be respectful to the environment by producing the most suitable solutions to our customers' expectations without sacrificing quality and ethical values. OUR VISION Being aware of our social responsibility, with the products and services to reach a wide audience, reliability, quality management, expert staff and customer-oriented service concept is the first company to come to mind and to be preferred."


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