"About Us Enerama Environmental Technologies, Inc (2013), was founded on the principle of innovation for the Controlled Environment Agriculture industry. Our patented technology was developed to target major inefficiencies in the dehumidification process and provide significant improvements in cost centers such as energy consumption, biosecurity, water consumption and capture. All of this positively impact profit centers based on yields, quality, taste and overall sustainability. Decreasing expenses and increasing revenues for our customers has led a rapid adoption of our technologies. We are an environmental solution provider for greenhouses and indoor agriculture all over the world. We're offering patented products for our clients with the utmost precision in delivery. Dragon is a modular dehumidification system comprised of indoor and outdoor units. Outdoor units include Regenerators, Regeneration Towers and Machine Rooms, while the indoor Units include the Duct Air Handling Units and Air Handling Towers. When combined with the company's proprietary Mekasera software these units provide our clients with an integrated, holistic solution for dehumidification, heating and cooling at vastly superior levels of energy efficiency. "


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