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"about us The foundations of Erçika Plastic were first laid in 1990 in a small hardware store in the Kaymaklı district of Nicosia in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. In 1994, by expanding its market over the years, the TRNC established its headquarters in Nicosia and became one of the leading enterprises in Northern Cyprus. Since its establishment, it has been a pioneer company in Cyprus in the field of construction materials, glass-mirrors, interior decorations, hardware and transportation services (cranes, forklifts). Erçikalar LTD is a company that has established itself in the local production in Nicosia. The company, which also entered the industrial sector, has rapidly expanded its domestic production. Ahmet ERÇİKA, the founder of the company, expanded its borders in 2007 and opened a factory in Istanbul. The main target of this new branch opened in Istanbul was production. Erçika Plastik, which is operated in İstanbul for production and trade purposes, is professional in the field of plastic product production and has achieved significant developments in the field of trade in the market over the years. Over the years, the company has added sister organizations. These were realized as the TRNC establishment Öyül Ticaret, Erdos Ticaret, and Erbo metal. Today, each of the companies performs different production, trade and trading activities. Today, Erçika Plastik has been gaining great experience over the years and it continues its works without stopping."


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