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"The foundation of Erdal Ticaret is based on 80s years. Şani ERDAL, the founder of our company, started the road with combine harvester and baler machine management. In 1991, spare parts, bale wire and bale wire was sold in a small shop. The sale of the new baler has been continued with the brand and quality of `` PAKSAN``. Later, he started repairing a machine, built a workshop in Balıkesir, and trained craftsmen. Erdal Ticaret, which is also considered by the customer with the complete maintenance and revision machines of the balers, has become one of the first names that come to mind when it is called 'Balya Makinası'. Our company has proven itself in the business of baler and combine harvester. The number of customers continued to rise rapidly thanks to the strength of the firm reliability in the agricultural machinery business. In 2013, it met with over 100 years of experience and has proven its name in the market and has expanded its market and product range. We will continue to provide the farmer's needs from A to Z for our farmer."


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