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With our 23 years of experience, we serve our valued customers in our 4.000 square meter working area. Our company, which operates in agricultural machinery production, started its activities in 2004. With its experience, experience and innovative understanding, it continues to serve our valued customers without compromising quality and confidence level.It has made great progress in the Production of Agricultural Machinery with its machinery park, which has been developing and growing since its foundation, and its expert staff. Our company takes firm steps forward to be a preferred, reliable company by producing competitive products. As Ersoz Agriculture, our main productions; It consists of three main items as fertilizer spreaders, tractor rear loader buckets, leveling shovel. Besides, we serve our customers with different product groups that we supply. Our company, which closely follows the increasing demand and the needed technologies in the developing agricultural machinery production, continues to lead the production of the agricultural machinery suitable for today’s technology for its customers. With its product variety and high production capacity, it has gained the appreciation of its customers by providing quality services in the Agricultural machinery sector.In line with the trust and stability it has given to its customers, Ersoz Tarim continues its works in the sector with great care.


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Ersoz Agriculture

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Our Products

Ers-k9 – Cultivator supply
Articulated Bucket – Straw Bucket supply
Alfa – Duble Discs Fertilizer supply

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