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Founded in March 1989 by İbrahim ERTAN. The company started its business life with the production of automotive spare parts and molds in our company's 150 m² workplace, URTAN MAKİNA. Developing our company in Turkey with those in the industry ERT December 29, 1993 MOLD SPARE PARTS IND. TIC. LTD. Sti. presents its title. 1994, leading the company's activities with field conditions in Turkey, the most important element of agricultural protection was converted to agricultural spraying Production. After increasing the demand for atomizers in the market in a short period of time and increasing our demands, we increased our number of preferred brands in our 4900 m² factory. ERTANLAR, which is chosen with the Turkish agriculture with its short-circuit strength, is managed with the 10 different model groups and it is managed with the rightful pride of serving Turkish agriculture. We are happy to give this pride to us and our hard-working Turkish farmers and we would like to thank you for our valuable goal.


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