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"Increases in the world population continue; The world population, which is around 7 billion today, is expected to be 9 billion by 2050. Accordingly, the research organizations indicate that agricultural consumption will increase by 50% compared to today. It is clear that this increase will not be in terms of arable land. Because there has been a 14% increase since the 1960s to the present, and this increase is expected to be 10% until 2050. Since agricultural production in the world is not possible by increasing arable land, the investments in agricultural technologies are increasing year by year. When these investments are analyzed, there has been a 15-fold increase since 2000s. The use of new technologies in world production is important in terms of making agricultural production with less loss. In order to increase productivity and productivity in the agricultural sector, farmers are looking for new technologies. New technologies to shape agriculture in the coming years are divided into four areas; sensors, food, automation and engineering. Modern agriculture; disease, pests and weeds are an effective and economic struggle, it is not possible to obtain quality and abundant products without this struggle. The most effective and fastest way to combat harmful diseases, pests and weeds in cultural crops is the use of pesticides in our country as well as all over the world. In the mid-1980s, the European Union started to reflect on the protection of the environment and health, and if it included legal regulations, it made important arrangements especially in the 1990s. When we come to the year 2000, by giving this name as the principle of social responsibility, for all the new regulations it has developed, it places the demands of the people on shared sharing with the health, social rights, livable environment, safe food and common life. One of the most common topics in this approach is Plant Protection Products, which is one of the most important tools of agricultural production, which has an important place in health and environment. The EU takes very important and radical decisions to develop existing regulations on Plant Protection Products and to eliminate legal gaps. working for Turkey's harmonization with the EU, it is necessary to make some changes in the current thinking on this subject. For this reason, in the production of sustainable agricultural activities and sustainable development, we have developed high quality, safe and controlled production systems that enable both environmentally friendly, sustainable use of resources, prioritizing human and animal health protection, as well as helping to optimize high efficiency and quality. It is very important to continue to use Plant Protection Products. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) supports the production of adequate and high-quality foodstuffs, which is a worldwide accepted and growing world population, and protects the environment and natural resources used in the world. For this purpose, all kinds of technologies are supported. As ERTAR CHEMICALS; As we follow these developments all over the world, we support Integrated Pest Management (IPM), we are trying to make our share on this issue and we continue our investments in this regard. Our production facility in Turkey and in all our activities, we give priority to human and environmental health. In particular, to work with substances that do not compromise on quality and have the least impact on human and environmental health, with the least application; Aim at high efficiency and economic production. These purposes in 2004, Turkey in agriculture, the heart of Cukurova in Adana established ERT CHEMISTRY most important Plant Protection Products of the input agriculture (pesticides), Plant Nutrition Products and Plant Growth Regulators (FGD) is engaged in the production and marketing issues. ERTAR KIMYA has been a pioneer in production since its establishment; Starting from 2012 with the production of Ester technical products, Glyphosate IPA and 2,4 DEHE continue its production. ERTAR CHEMISTRY Our Production Facility; It is established on 14.000 square meters area in Adana Organized Industrial Zone. 9.500 square meters of closed area in our factory; Plant Protection Products; Insecticide, Fungusite, Herbicide and BGD production sections are composed. With the facilities of the latest technology and modern production in these production departments; Emulsion Concentrate (EC), Suspension Concentrate (SC), Fluid Concentrate (FS) for Seed Drugs, Solution (SL), Wettable Powder (WP), Powder (DS), Water Soluble Powder (SP), Water in Sea Wet Granule (WDG ), Sand Fluid (DF), Water Soluble Granule (SG), Oil Dispersible (OD) formulations are all carried out. In addition, new researches and investments on new formulations are continuing in the world."


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