"1. HUMAN RESOURCES Business; In order to meet the demands and needs of the customers at the highest level, they evaluate their human resources and basic skills effectively. For this purpose, we are among the leaders of the sector with our administrative and technical staff.   2. PRODUCTS 2.1 PRODUCT TREE The company manufactures agricultural machines, rotary type furnaces and equipment. All kinds of spare parts and materials that are used in these productions and supplied from supplier companies are meticulously checked for quality. The suppliers are especially TSE and ISO 9000 Certified.   2.1.1 AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY »Biçer Döver (Straw Chopped and Shaky Model) »Cotton Harvesting Machine »ERG 1200 Combined Threshing Machine »ERN 1200 Threshing Machine »Mower (Active and Zaga Type) »Two Drum Mower Mower »Crop Mower (Trailed and Hydraulic Type) »Beet Harvesting Machine »Silage Machine (Corn and Herb Silage) »Chisel (5, 7, 9 and 11)   2.1.2 BREAD OVEN AND EQUIPMENTS »EEF 9022 Model Bread Oven »EEF 9021 Model Bread Oven »EEF 9020 Model Bread Oven »EEF 9019 Model Bread Oven »EHM 250 Automatic Mixer »KYM 3000 Conical Rounding Machine »Lift Tilting Machine »ARD 238 Slitting Machine »HKT100-600 Dough Cutting and Weighing Machine »UZM 3000 Long Forming Machine   The company, which is currently engaged in the production of agricultural machinery, mainly aimed at saving labor in agricultural production, has created a first in agricultural machinery production, especially by considering the thousands of years of agricultural tradition of human beings; Since 2002, unique in the world and in Turkey ""harvester imalatnı the"" realizes. As of the year 2007, product grouping has been achieved with 6 different models in the production of chopper and shredded beet (production of beet chopper and shredded beet). The harvest costs decreased by 35%.   As of 2007, the system for baling the straw in harvesters has been developed. The bales of hay are completely different from the existing harvesters. After harvesting the product, the system behind the machine and the R & D system we have designed is intended to make the straw of the crop straw with the newly added equipment. Thus, the peasant / farmer will be able to obtain straw with grain in the mowing stage without the need for a new additional cost. In addition, our company has an intensive R & D study on cotton harvesting machine; As of the year of 2008, the activities and activities to be put on the market as of 2009 are continuing. With these studies;   a) Saving labor force in agriculture, b) To bring the unrecognized handles to the national economy without any additional costs, c) The owner of a combine harvester shall have a more favorable price than imported harvesters, d) It aims to save foreign currency by means of import substitution.   3. R ​​& D AND INNOVATION STUDIES The company attaches great importance to ‘R & D ve activities in order to keep pace with the developing technology and to produce innovation. R & D activities are carried out with our young, dynamic technical personnel and experienced engineers. Every suggestion from our customers is handled with seriousness and considered as an R & D project if deemed appropriate. As a result of these efforts, we can show our evolving customer network in product quality since 1949.   Table: Customer Portfolio and Customer Network   Customer Portfolio Agricultural Credit Cooperatives, Beet Cooperatives, Large Farmer Group Natural Marketing Agents and New Generation Customers In the future, in the light of our understanding of customer satisfaction and economic product manufacturing, our determination to develop new products and our work continues.   4. CAPACITY STATUS AND MACHINE PROFILE 4.1 MACHINE PROFILE Our production line, which is organized within the framework of ISO 9000 within our factory indoor area which has reached to approximately 6500m2, has been formed production lines for the personnel to work in the most efficient way.   In these production lines, production is carried out with modern machines which will increase our factory capacity to the highest points. In the sector, CNC, NC machines and fast and reliable without error, and most importantly has achieved the standard production. Our standard products provide the highest quality and economic service to our customers during the service and maintenance services. In addition, the high capacity of our machines enables customer demands to be realized at the promised time.   4.2 CAPACITY STATUS Our current machine profile is capable of producing 3500 tons / year of material per year. However, in parallel with the developing country economy, it is possible to go above our capacity with its bench profile and employment of new person"


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