ESYEM Established in 1961 when the industrial revolution was effective, our factory is the first feed factory established in the Republican era and continues its production with 56 years of experience. This experience is one of the rare companies that have contributed to the farming, livestock sector and the country's economy. In May of 2008 MSM A.Ş. ESYEM has been aiming to become a pioneer and model company in domestic and international markets, which has adopted the principles of feed production in line with customer needs. ESYEM manufactures its high-quality products at its 25-acre ground-floor facility in Kütahya road, which has a capacity of 30 tons per hour, at 5 km. The bovine, ovine, poultry and pigeon feeds are produced with computer controlled and ration prepared by experts in ESYEM factories. ESYEM, which has added new products to pet group production from PUPAMAMA brand since 2016; Cat food, dog food, parrot pellet meal, canary and budgerigar products, pigeon baby products, rabbit and hamster food."


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