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"ABOUT US Have you been tired of dealing with pests, rodents for years? You didn't jump on the seats of the chairs? Didn't you use traditional methods to get rid of mice, snakes and similar pests in your garden, greenhouse, car or home? Did you get tired of looking for workarounds to combat pests and solve your problems? We are well aware of the importance of hygiene in your living spaces and industry. We provide fast and unique solutions to your fight against pests, rodents and other pests in your living spaces and workplaces in the name of protecting your health with Falcon Products. Dispose of all methods that you have already used with Falcon products. Create new solutions by simply plugging the Falcon products in your garden, at home, in your car, in your facility and in all other points with the effect of sound and light. With the sound and light frequency it emits, the Falcon is different from all the products you've tried so far. As you can get rid of rodents thanks to the advanced technology, we solve your pest problem without disturbing the ecological balance. Yes, Falcon thinks about you, your family, your colleagues and your surroundings. Contrary to many traditional methods, our products do not have any toxic effects, but also remove pests and wherever you want can use with ease. Thanks to our ergonomic products and ease of use designed for your different needs, the Falcon is both effective and harmless at all points you need. Extremely practical and long-lasting products are easy to use. Falcon Products, which are shaped according to your needs with our Grass and Garden, House Protection, Workplace Protection, Industrial Protection, Field Greenhouse Protection, Summer House Protection, Yacht and Ship Protection Packages, allow you to meet the most suitable product that can respond to your needs by varying according to the desired domain . Falcon products are the most effective solution for effective and practical human health with its sound and light frequency mechanism. Since there are no toxic, harmful or toxic materials in it, you will not cause any harm to your products, nature and environment as a result of the traditional methods of removing pests, rodents and other pests at the same time. You can use Falcon products as a 100% safe method because you will not have to deal with problems such as pesticide and pest remnants. Falcon does not require cleaning in contrast to traditional methods. Its known effect and domains are much wider than other methods and also advantage. Research has shown that after a certain period of time, alternative products have problems such as deterioration and loss of effect, Falcon has given the most accurate response to the needs and needs of end users with its unique mechanism and long lifespan. Falcon also makes customers laugh with the price advantages they provide. While traditional methods require regeneration in certain periods, Falcon also reduces your costs according to alternatives, due to the fact that it does not need reasonable prices and renewal. Falcon products offer quality products at affordable cost and provide solutions for each sector. Our products also provide added value because they produce cost effective solutions without sacrificing quality. You can start to benefit from our great advantages and services by contacting our company which has been providing sales and support of electronic pest control technologies with our expert staff since 2000. Thanks to our great advantages, Falcon products will be your partner in the fight against pests and you will open your door to new technologies focused on human health. We call Falcon, try not to try our products, start using it immediately"


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