"Forsen Makina Servis Ticaret A.Ş Forsen Machinery Services & Trading Inc. established to engage with the distributorship activities in Turkey and certain neighboring countries in year 2000. Today, Forsen Machinery is representing leading companies manufacturing port and construction cranes and handling machines, machinery, equipment and various attachments for sectors involved with the environment-recycling and port construction/operating. Besides marketing and sales operations in connection with the machinery referred to here above, Forsen Machinery is also involved with after sales technical service, spare parts supply, revision, as well as operator/technical staff training, supported by/specified by the manufacturers. Mission Satisfy the demand of our customers right on time and on the location is our responsibility. The our area of responsibility is contain all cities of Turkey and foreign country that has coast. FORSEN Machinery is proud of service to customers that located in the area of responsibility by the powerful technical support team. Vision Integrating of acknowledge responsibilty with innovative and modern strategy to new market field, helping to improving brand value, representive the commercial principle are presenting our vision. The motto of “Each sold machine is still our machine” is shown the how to service to customer’s machines. "


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