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"Development was founded in Istanbul in 1989. Production and sales of industrial valves, has superior knowledge and experience. DEVELOPMENT; Istanbul is a modern processing plant in Tuzla benches and testing services in our industry with equipment, production of the API, ASME, DIN, has been successful in the TSE. Production capacity of 1,500 tons / year have to. Our Valves; Turkey, the Middle East and CIS countries many industries that make up the lifeblood of the flow control circuit included in the Community; Refineries, filling and other oil facilities in all In the chemical sector particularly in energy and iron and steel; It works with high performance in all other important industrial facilities. CERTIFICATION; Our products TSA 13942 / 21.06.2007 is certified. CE marking of the certified organizations were audited by Turkish Lloyd. Development activities in the area of ​​the success of the ISO 9001: 2008 quality assurance system is certified by Turkish Lloyd. Gate Valves, Globe Valves, Check Valves are tested by TUV Austria, 6F API, API 607 ​​and ISO 10497-5: 2004 standards under the fire safety (fire safe) has been certified with the document. Our gate valves API 600, API 6D, our API 6D check valves, ball valves Our API 6D and API 608 has a monogram. Click here to access our Certificates As it was yesterday, today and in the future of continuing success and proud to share with our customers the best. Development based on customer satisfaction will continue to remain different and original design work enthusiastically. Development of the quality policy ""based on the data and information, whether compliance with the customer, to be in a healthy cooperation with suppliers, employee involvement and continuous improvement efforts"" to society and the environment ""conducted in sensitivity."


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