"Founded in 1969, the foundations of our company, which was the foundation of our company in 1969, are the foundations of our company. Only milk and juice facilities are not limited, but fat, chocolate, jam, tomato paste, biscuits, syrup, caramel, honey, ketchup, mayonnaise, such as other food and food industry, pharmaceutical and defense industry can be maintained for productivity. Experience and expertise, a region in Turkey and around the world to prove GaN with project offers options to an overlapping in a central location with a wide range of products. International companies operating in the United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Libya, Algeria, Greece, Nigeria, TRNC, Bulgaria, Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Malaysia and Saudi Arabia repeat for new projects. Ankara Chamber of Industry II. Organized Industrial Zone, a total of 23,000 m2 of space-based board, 12,000 m2 of indoor space in our modern facilities, R & D, Project, Production, Installation, Sales and Service departments with food, chemistry, medicine, etc. We provide. Milk and dairy production facilities, turnkey plants, milk collection services and complete lines, milk transport tankers, milk intake, pasteurization, standardization, UHT dairy products, white cheese, cheddar and labne, such as cheese, yoghurt, buttermilk, smetan, kefir, kaymak, butter, milk powder and whey powder, ice cream, milk dessert and related CIP units are projecting, manufacturing and installation, preparing for the world market. The companies in the international companies such as ALFA LAVAL, ANDRITZ, BERTOLI, HPM, GRUNDFOS, TEKNOICE, LAIEF, AMBALAJ, BERTUZZI, SINITECH, ALIMA BIS, HANS G. GAUGE are also the years in our country and university."


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