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Our company Gençgüçsan Agricultural Machinery was established in 1999 to the produce agricultural combat machinery. The company had come to the forefront with the Turbo Atomizer series which has produced and developed to product-specific. In the atomizer series, manufacturing is made 2 type atomizer as a hanging type and pulling type. In addition to the manufacturing of agricultural machinery, 4 Ton Agricultural Trailer, Harvesting Platform, Harvesting Platform with Compressor, Tractor Mounted Forklift, Herbicide Spraying Machines are produced. With the Bars Greenhouse Technologies brand created within our company, pipe rail trolleys, harvest trolleys, spraying trolleys, electric tow tractors and tractor trailers for modern greenhouses are also produced. Our company has adopted the principle of producing quality products with the slogan "Friendly - helping hand to the farmer".


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Our Products

Pipe Rail Trolley Elit Series supply
Pipe Rail Trolley Eko Plus supply
Herbicide Sprayer Agricultural Spraying Machine supply
Harvest Trolley With Rolling Rack supply
Harvest Trolley supply
Fruit Picking Harvest Platform (compressor) supply
6 Meters Trailer supply
4 Tons Single Axle Trailer supply
2000 Lt Turbomatik Agricultural Spraying Machinery supply
2000 Lt Elit Agricultural Spraying Machine supply
2000 Lt Bagmatik Agricultural Spraying Machine supply

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