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"About us ; Genel Makina, was established to provide flow equipment and engineering services, mainly for valves, valve control systems and steam devices for industrial installations. Our job at Genel Makina is to assist our customers by providing quality products in a competitive, economical and fast way in accordance with the needs of industrial valves and valve control equipments. Our company Miyawaki BRAY INTERNATIONAL-USA and is the only authorized distributor of Turkey-JAPAN INC organizations. The BRAY group includes the brands FLOWTEK, VAAS, RITEPRO, AMRESIST, KUGELHAHN MULLER. Our aim is; Our aim is to be able to analyze the current needs correctly by following the developing industry and innovative applications and, as a result of this, the correct information transfer for all our customers and industry branches, including chemical, petrochemical, refining, iron-steel, glass industry, food, and selection of these under appropriate conditions. Our goal; We take the power from our employees, our experience, our know-how and our customers, and we always want to carry our work together with the synergy we create to the next level. With this power, Genel Makina aims to be a respected and successful company that ranks first in its field together with stable growth, solid-transparent structure and long-term customer relations."


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