"The main service area of ​​our company is Sun Seeding and Cattle Breeding. The founder of our company, Specialist Veterinary Physician Dr.Mustafa İŞLER, has received specialization (3 years) and PhD (3 years) training. He has also participated in sun seeding, morphological evaluation, genetic mapping and embryo transfer in Turkey and abroad. In the field of sun seeding; She has 42 years of experience in the field of semen production, Veterinary and Sun Seed Technician training.       Our company conducts studies related to the breeds of Holstein, Brown Swiss, Simental and Montbeliarde as main race. In principle, our company pays attention to the selection of bulls with the best conformation of these races. In addition to these characteristics, milking character, protein and fat-enhancing properties are also considered. Special requests can be met for special requests and genetic matching programs for companies. They can provide consultancy services on this subject.       Good bull selection, proper genetic matching is essential to ensure correct, permanent and genetic development in cattle breeding, and our company has sufficient knowledge and extensive service network in this regard."


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