"GENPOWER SUCCESS STORY Electrical energy has lost its importance since the first day. Today, the world dominated by technology has reached a speed that cannot tolerate even a momentary interruption. In parallel with this development; it has ceased to be a luxury and entered into the category of needs. M├╝jdat Uslu, who is aware of the importance of the product produced and the need for continuous development and set out with the aim of creating a world brand, founded Genpower Generator in 2000; started its activities. Since its inception, Genpower has been targeting long-term investments and sustainable growth rather than short-term returns. With its investments in R & D, technology and engineering, it also leads the sector in which it operates. Turkey, which is the power production base GENPOWER domestically in the world-class quality, honest and reliable service to have moved in the international arena and the Turkish name as Genpower brand has announced to the world with high representation ability. By transforming uncertainty into an opportunity with effective balance sheet and risk management, Genpower is at a time when the world is facing a major crisis; has celebrated the 10th year of its production by completing the construction of the biggest generator factory under a single roof. Genpower's green booths and generators are the partners of global giant companies and organizations; Formula 1 Night Race 2011, Turkcell, Vodafone, Avea; Turkish, Italian and American armies; used in stadiums, government buildings and hotels in different countries of the world. Genpower, which continues its production at Ankara Temelli Factory with its world-class production vehicles, diesel from 1 KVA up to 3,500 KVA, gasoline generators, welding generators, lighting towers, agricultural products (lawn mower, hoeing machine, water pump, milking machine, etc.), simple and PLC synchronous systems are produced for the service of their customers at maximum efficiency and economic costs. Considering its employees as a value, Genpower takes all necessary precautions for occupational health and safety, and emphasizes motivation and career planning. Combining the teams of the world-leading companies with their employees under its own roof, Genpower has provided advanced training to its technical team. Exporting more than half of its production, Genpower follows potential investment opportunities in the global arena in order to provide better service to its customers and to deliver alternatives in the product portfolio to different locations faster. natural gas, lpg'li, bio diesel, bio gas, heavy fuel powered innovative generator systems are available to the world."


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