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Genetika Seeds, is a Plant breeder and Seed producer company whose Head Office is located in Antalya / Turkey. In our time since launching we have strived forward with research into the science of plant genetics, traditional plant breeding and modern seed techniques. Genetika Seeds Ltd produces seeds, combined. After which all seeds are processed in our laboratories, packed and stored. Our hybrid varieties include tomato, pepper, squash, cucumber, aubergine, melon and watermelon, all of which are invaluable to professional outdoor and greenhouse growers. Main breeding subjects are high yielding, resistant to diseases, specifically adapted to regional environments and their growing conditions. Gento Seeds Ltd is a sister company of Genetika and it is responsible for marketing in Turkey. We have good shares in some of our products Baldo, VCR-601, Napolyon, 221 melon varieties in Turkish seed market. Also we start to increase our export sales to 14 countries like, Egypt, Iran, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, Algeria, Israel, Romania, Greece, Albania, USA, Korea, Azerbaijan and Uzbekistan.


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