Gokcanlar Tarim

"GÖKCAN who AGRICULTURE, with a deep business background for many years, in the production of agricultural machinery and feed mixing equipment industry is among the most powerful company in Turkey. Offering local solutions and innovations in the industry, our company successfully implemented, customers with ongoing technical support and after-sale service quality is responding to all requests. We produce the necessary solutions to the problems we serve all our customers and we offer our customers. Our customers, to evaluate the need for all kinds of reasons to play at our door; time, effort and to make the most appropriate solution to live a waste of money is our business.   GÖKCAN who the most important processes in agriculture to be successful in today's competitive environment   hardworking nature of today's job to leave tomorrow,   its suppliers, customers, honest to the country, respectful, principled processing,   And most importantly, honesty and responsibility of all business processes can be explained as a principle structure to reflect the employees. Ltd. ?? the most important factor in the success of our company for our employees, I extend my thanks to our suppliers and the complainant because of the trust they have shown to our company for many years ?? our customers."


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  • Authorized Person: Hasan Ibili

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Gokcanlar Tarim

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