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"GÖKMENLER AGRICULTURAL MACHINES NAK. SINGING. and Trade. LTD. Sti. Our company was opened in 1972 by Hasan Hüseyin Gökmen as a small repair shop and since 1980 has started the production of grass harrows and drum mowers. Our company is expanding its customer base with each passing day, and in 2000, ""Gökmenler Tarım Makinaları Nak. as an official identity. Our company, which proves the product quality in domestic market, started to address the international market in 2002 and continues to export to many countries. OUR PRINCIPLES Smiling face Our company has been supplying its customers for a long time with a smiling face. Quality Workmanship With years of experience and experience, we are trying to gain customer satisfaction by introducing series, precision and high quality workmanship. Timely delivery We know how valuable our customers are and we act with the principle of realizing your needs at the time we promised. Customer happiness Customer satisfaction is always the most important criteria in Gökmenler."


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Gokmen Tarim Makineleri

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Rear Blade (200 M) supply
8 Wheel V Type Hay Rake supply
8 Wheel Carted Hay Rake supply
5 Wheels Hay Rake supply
4-Piece Harvesting Rakes supply

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