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"To bring the region's largest and most modern feed production facilities, manufacturers and the service is proud to offer the industry. Halis our range of services in the consumer market with Feed brand, specialized technical field with the support of growers and producers are working to deliver results more efficiently. all the processes that occur from production to consumption designed to meet customer needs and expectations and are developed according to the needs of the day. 4. The construction of the plant in Gaziantep Organized Industrial Zone, which is activated is completed in 12 months. 30 tons per hour production plant with a production capacity are produced with today's high-tech machinery and automation systems. Production facilities are made of all steel construction. Manufacturing plant, cattle, sheep, poultry feed to businesses as well as to be able to feed production has special technology and capacity. Powders, pellets and granules form in feed production facilities serve up to 100% of the sector with the adoption of automated product packaging materials. 38 vertical raw material dosage and our facility with 32 vertical steel silo, horizontal raw material storage warehouse of 2000 square meters are available. The purpose of investing too much product and raw material silos, enabling the use of more economical production of raw materials for making and eating all kinds of producers who need to have more product storage capacity to respond immediately."


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